At SLICK Creative, we specialize in developing brands. From logo and website design, to interactive marketing campaigns, we make sure every piece we create fits the tone, the look, and the feel of your brand. We listen to make sure we are meeting your goals, reaching key demographics and capturing the essence of your business in every detail. We are skilled in creating stunning design and love developing stategies that tackle every possible idea to help grow and develop your brand.


We are not limited to what can be contained on a page. We think of new and innovative ways for people to engage with your brand. We love enticing participation through live events, social media, interactive content, viral videos and targeted promotions. 
Our design will leave an impression. Our marketing strategies will get you hooked.

We are Designers &
Brand Strategists 
We are
Social Activists

Marketing has a tremendous influence. We choose to use this influence responsibly to inspire social change and support causes we are passionate about. We see design and marketing as a vital tool for change and also as a means to inform, educate and inspire others. We also love to work with non-profits to help them get off the ground, fundraise and create engaging events. 
We care about others, and this informs everything we do.

We are Artists 

When we aren't working for you or off saving the world, we're still artists. We enjoy creating our own art, design, music or film. We also love developing content to share with the world. This keeps us fresh and ready to tackle your brand projects. We also love being able to offer custom illustrations and artwork to our clients. When you love what you do, it shows.